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Vector Calculator G

4.8 ( 3058 ratings )
Diensten Onderwijs
Developer: SIMON SUNG
1.99 USD

Discount ends on 2-22-2012 !

Press [Unit Vec U] before pressing [Graph] to graph as the graph will show your vectors as unit vectors. Read the FAQs if you have any question, you can always email me if you have any problems using VCG.
Also click the support URL to see some examples on how to use VCG.

My friends Aced their (Engineering Mechanics: Statics) homework with VCG, I hope you find it useful too.


This app does calculations of 2 vectors and
display them in a simple 3D view. (Please read the description.)

These calculations include finding :
the unit vector of a single vector (can display in graph),
the length of a single vector,
the addition of two vectors,
the subtraction of two vectors,
the dot product of two vectors,
the cross product of two vectors (can display in graph),
the angle between two vectors,
whether the two vectors are parallel or perpendicular to each other,
the projection of one vector onto the other vector,
the length of the projected vector,
the area of the parallelogram/plane formed by the two vectors u and v (can display in graph)
the equation of the plane ax + by + cz = d if
(a) given 3 points
(b) given 2 vectors
(c) given a point on the plane and the normal vector of the plane
the distance between a point and a plane
the equation of a 2D line (if given 1 point and the slope of the line)
the length, the equation, the point of division and the perpendicular bisector of a 2D line (if given 2 points)
the length, the vector equation, the parametric equation and the symmetric equation of a 3D line (if given 2 points or 1 point and 1 parallel vector)

other features:
i) given points p, q & r can be converted into vectors pq & qr or vectors pq & pr
ii) a simple calculator is added for scalar input
a) can perform sin or cos on the scalar
b) individual vector component can be multiplied or divided by the scalar

Things you must know:

i) Tap TWICE on the (output screen or spaces) to exit after finish inputting the values of the vector components. It will also automatically fill out the empty fields with zeros.

ii) Swipe the screen upwards to exit graph.

iii) Swipe the screen downwards to switch the graphs background color between black and white.

iv) You can press the expansion button to expand all the component textfields for better display of the values.

v) You can find the equation of a plane ax + by + cz = d by pressing the buttons in this order:
[U x V] then [enter Pt.] then [Get Plane Eqn].

vi) New button [Pt. to Plane] is added for finding the distance between a point and a plane.
Press the [More] button to reveal it.

vii) To find the determinant of 2x2 and 3x3 matrices, press button [Det].

Theres a direct link to the online tutorial pics on the FAQs page if you have any problem on doing the sin or cos combo calculations.

Please refer to the screenshots below for details.

Thank you for your support.
Cheers. ^.^Y